• Boom Truck

  • All Purpose Crane Training offers hands on boom truck lift training and knowledge to become aerial lift certified.

    A boom truck is attached to the back of a truck having a telescopic boom over the frame. Boom lift also known as man lift or small telescopic crane. The main function of a boom truck is to move where his telescopic unit will be used.

    Aerial lifts come in either two-wheel drive or four wheel drive.

    Three major types aerial work platforms are boom lifts, scissor lifts, and mechanical lifts. Lifts will have different tire treads depending on what kind of operation they are used for. When working from any aerial lift a body belt and lanyard must be attached to the boom or basket. When operators are working in a aerial lift while its elevated the truck should not be moved, unless designed for that type of operation. Many new Aerial lifts are using lithium batteries, gasoline, diesel, or propane.

    We offer Genie, JLG, Niftylift, and Skyjack training to get you certified.

    Common Accidents:

    The most common accidents with aerial lifts are when making contact with power lines causing electrocutions.