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  • CFR 1926.1427-Qualified Signalperson Training

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    Q. What qualifications must a signalperson possess?

    A. A signalperson must:
    Know and understand the type of signals used;Be competent in the application of the type of signals used;
    Have a basic understanding of equipment operation and limitations,
    including the crane dynamics involved in swinging and stopping
    loads and boom deflection from hoisting loads; and
    Know and understand the relevant requirements of the provisions of the standard relating to signals.

    Q. How does an employer know whether a signalperson is qualified?

    A. Under 1926.1428, employers must determine that a signalperson is qualified through the assessment of a qualified evaluator, who must meet one of the following definitions in 1926.1401:

    Third party qualified evaluator (“an entity that, due to its independence and expertise, has demonstrated that it is competent to accurately assess whether individuals meet the qualification requirements in this subpart for a signalperson.”). The signalperson must have documentation from a third party qualified evaluator showing that he or she meets the qualification requirements. Employer’s qualified evaluator (not a third party) (”a person
    employed by the signalperson’s employer who has demonstrated that she or he is competent to accurately assess whether individuals meet the qualification requirements in this subpart for a signalperson.”). The employer’s qualified evaluator assesses the individual, determines that the individual meets the qualification requirements, and provides documentation of that determination. This assessment may not be relied on by other employers.

    Q. Must the required training and qualification of a signalperson be performed by an accredited organization?

    A. No, but employers must have documentation of the signalperson’s qualifications available at the worksite, either in paper form or electronically. For example, the documentation may be accessed from a laptop, via e-mail, or be transmitted from an offsite location by facsimile. While a physical card may serve as proof of a signalperson’s qualifications,
    it is not the only means allowed by Subpart CC. The documentation must specify each type of signaling (e.g., hand signals, radio signals, etc.) for which the signalperson is qualified under the requirements of the standard. The purpose of this documentation is to ensure the onsite availability of a means for crane operators and others to determine quickly whether a signalperson is qualified to perform a particular signal for the hoisting job safely.

    Q. Do Union and Trade Association Apprenticeship Certification Programs qualify as third party qualified evaluators for purposes of evaluating signalperson qualifications in accordance with 29 CFR 1926.1428(a)(1)?

    A. OSHA requires each employer of a signalperson to use a qualified evaluator (a third party or an employee) to verify that the signalperson possesses a minimum set of knowledge and skills [29 CFR 1926.1428(a)]. In general, OSHA does not evaluate or endorse specific products or programs, and therefore makes no determination as to whether a certification program meets the definition of a “qualified evaluator (third party).” It should be noted, however, that in the preamble to the final rule for Subpart CC, OSHA stated that “labor-management joint apprenticeship training programs that train and assess signalpersons would typically meet the definition for a third-party qualified evaluator…..” 75 Federal Register 48029, (August 9, 2010). With regard to training, the employer is ultimately responsible for assuring that its employees are adequately trained regardless of whether the employees’ qualification is assessed by the employer or a third party.

    Q. Does a certified operator automatically satisfy the criteria for being a qualified signalperson under 1926.1428?

    A. No. To qualify as a signalperson, the operator would need to be evaluated by a qualified evaluator (see Q #42), satisfy the specified testing requirements for signalpersons under 1926.1428, and documentation must identify the types of signaling (e.g., hand, radio, etc.) for which the operator has been evaluated. In some cases, the operator’s certification process may also satisfy the signalperson qualification requirements, depending on the qualifications of the certifying organization, the content of the certification exam, and the documentation provided by the certifying organization. In general, the qualifications of a signalperson and an equipment operator are not considered one in the same.

    Q. Does being an accredited trainer for signaling and rigging automatically qualify an individual as an evaluator of the qualifications of riggers and signalpersons?

    A. Not necessarily. While being an accredited trainer may be an indicator that the trainer possesses the skills for effectively communicating subject matter to trainees, a qualified evaluator must also have demonstrated that she or he is competent in accurately assessing whether individuals have the qualifications required by Subpart CC.
    For further information regarding signalperson and rigger qualifications, refer to related fact sheets that are accessible from the construction page on OSHA’s website, www.osha.gov.


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