• Forklift Operator Certification Training

  • Forklift Operator Certification Training CCR Title 8 Sec 3668, CFR 1910.178

    Forklift operator certification training programs can improve and reduces injuries. Employees must know the safe operation of forklifts and performances. The training gives the operators the knowledge to operate safely and reduce accidents which cause downtime.

    Forklift accidents cause injuries to operators, workers on the job site and even people nearby. The majority of accidents are caused by human error which may result in safety risks. Accidents can be minimized or prevented through proper training. All Purpose Crane Training provides specialized training for sit down, stand up and telescopic forklifts, battery or propane can be added on in training. Training is offered at your location anywhere in the United States and can be done online from your desktop or laptop computer. Safety is our first priority. Call and schedule a class today.

    Overview Of Course:

    In this course, we’ll discuss the importance of forklift operator training and responsibilities of a professional lift truck operator, and the skills and techniques you can use to ensure safe operation and incident prevention.

    Training Topics:

    • Forks
    • Fork pins or locks
    • carriage
    • Load backrest
    • lift and tilt cylinders
    • Drive tires
    • Overhead guard or falling object protection structure (FOPS)
    • Steering wheel
    • Brake pedal
    • Accelerator
    • Operator restraint system
    • Steer Tires
    • Counterweight

    The Pre-operation Inspection

    Federal law requires all forklifts to be inspected at least once per shift.

    Training Requirements Of A Forklift Operator

    You need to be familiar with truck’s weight capacity, where the data plate is located, and what information about the capacity it provides, the controls, functions and operating characteristics of each truck you operate.

    Loading Dock Safety

    Many incidents occur while working on loading docks.

    Engineering Principles

    Forklifts are designed on a 3-point suspension system.

    Falling Loads

    Many coworkers are injured each year by falling loads.

    Safety Review

    Be familiar with the trucks you operate.


    As a professional operator, you have full responsibility for the safe and proper operation of your forklift. Your safety and the safety of your coworkers depend on it. Professionals don’t leave safety to a chance.