• Working Around Cranes

  • Crane operators receive special training for operating heavy equipment to remain safe. The crane operator may not see workers. He’s concentrating on the movement of his crane position and swing of the load. But those involved working around cranes show 30 percent of fatal injuries in the construction industry. If you are not seen you’re not safe and stay out from under.

    There are three common safety hazards every company should be aware of when working around cranes.

    1. Crane making contact with energized power lines accidentally.
    2. Crane capacity overload.
    3. Ground workers can be struck if poor rigging, maintenance or tie down straps are faulty.

    Other danger when working around cranes

    Identify the crane working zone. When working around overhead crane work, we always should wear our hard hats. Some people just never learn and will ride the hook. Please use the stairs or personnel hoists for transportation.