• 3 Common Causes Of Mobile Crane Accidents

  • 3 Common Causes Of Mobile Crane Accidents

    The 3 common causes of mobile crane accidents for workers around cranes include being run over by a crane, fried from an electrical powerline or struck from a poorly rigged load of debris. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) notes about 125,000 crane operators are operating within the United States construction industry at risk.

    Common Mobile Crane Accidents

    The most common mobile crane accidents have occurred in many injuries and deaths. Although crane operators are required to complete primary tasks with construction job sites on cranes, operators can be involved in severe accidents. OSHA states some common mobile crane accident injuries include:

    • Mechanical failures.
    • Mobile cranes colliding with power lines and energized power lines.
    • Cranes hitting people with heavy materials and objects.
    • Mobile cranes overturning.
    • Boom collapsing.
    • Crane hook-lifting device fails.
    • Improper crane selection for the job.
    • Rigging failures.

    When mobile crane operating the proper method of setting up can not only prevent injuries but also save lives decreasing crane accidents. Safety is being well educated about crane operating along with safety rules very crucial.

    Common Safety Injuries

    Even when these types of common crane accidents do not occur in worker fatalities, common safety injuries can still be a common issue. First of all, on all occasions, safety guides, rules, and operating directions should be complied with. A common safety injury can include:

    • Head injuries
    • Traumatic brain injuries
    • Damage to the cervical spine
    • Damage to the lumbar spine

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    Danger Signs To Look Out For

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