• Bigger Selfie Stick | Highest Selfie Contested

  • An even bigger selfie stick

    Opening this week with a selfie stick story from the UK, following the record claimed by Hewden on Monday with the 52.1 metre boom of its Tadano ATF70-G , has been challenged by another UK crane rental company Baldwins, which organized a 100 metre selfie, using the 100 metre main boom of its new Demag AC1000.
    In terms of camera used the Hewden wins with its wide angle GoPro making the most of it.
    A 100 metre selfie stick the Demag AC1000


    The highest selfie contested

    We seen for the highest selfie photo, or is it the longest selfie stick? UK based SkyKing has lodged a new claim for the highest “proper selfie”.
    Mark Carrington of SkyKing said: “What about some proper selfies at height? Let’s get some people in it. This one was taken at Vertikal Days 2015 with the Blade/SkyKing/Palfinger team in the Palfinger P900 surely able to claim the world’s highest proper selfie”
    Sounds like he is throwing down the gauntlet