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Articulating Knuckle Booms

Articulating Knuckle Booms

Knuckle Boom Cranes are referred to as Articulating Boom Cranes or Articulated Cranes. The boom on the crane articulates in the center, allowing swift back and forth movement of a load. Knuckle Boom Cranes utilize hydraulic cylinders as the source of their lifting power. The utilization of hydraulic cylinders in your knuckle boom crane's construction provides many distinct advantages such as quicker load and faster movement of materials.

What are the differences between an articulating boom and a telescopic boom?
Aerial lift equipment is used in a wide range of industries on job sites and in facilities around the world. Boom lifts, in particular, are an ideal choice for applications where you need to lift workers, tools and materials extended heights to get the job done.

Articulating and telescopic booms dominate the market today. Choosing the correct boom lift for a project will make all the difference in how you get the job done. efficiently, safely and profitably you complete the task at hand. Knowing the difference between these two booms will help you make the right selection.

Articulating Booms

Articulating booms are aerial work platforms with multiple boom sections that hinge - or "articulate" - allowing the operator to gain access to work areas over obstacles and barriers. Also referred to as "knuckle booms" or "up-and-over booms," these versatile products are perfect for tight access and hard-to-reach areas.

Why choose an articulating boom?
Articulating booms have less horizontal outreach than telescopic booms, but they provide greater versatility to reach up, over obstacles out to access work areas.
You're working indoors. Industrial models use DC electric power or clean-burning (LPG) fuel and have non-marking tires for indoor use.
Rough-terrain models are designed for rugged, unimproved construction sites. Features include petrol/LPG or diesel engines, lug-tread tires, an active oscillating axle (for enhanced traction) and four-wheel drive.

Telescopic Booms

Telescopic booms are aerial work platforms with boom sections that extend telescopically. They are also commonly known as "stick" booms because of their straight appearance. Telescopic booms offer greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial platform - ideal for areas with limited access in construction, industrial, entertainment, road building, bridge work, painting and inspection applications.

Why choose a telescopic boom?
You have a rugged, unimproved worksite. Telescopic booms with four-wheel drive and active oscillating axles are designed for maximum terrain ability and traction.

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