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Crane Load Testing

Crane Load Testing

Crane Load Testing

During load testing, purposely cranes are overloaded to test their condition. You should be capable of safely lifting including moving the load during regular motions. Normally, the crane lift equipment is experimented with by overloading the loads up to 125% to verify the crane lifting equipment meets OSHA standards. Hoist chains, wire ropes, and looks must be examined every day, but extensive or severe load tests should be examined semi-annually or periodically.

For the safety and productivity of your operators and workplace, it's important to understand latest crane load practice for improved crane equipment is in proper working order. This section explains the required pre-service operational inspection and load testing.

These protocols are a standard part of crane maintenance and crane training programs.

All the new and altered overhead cranes should be checked and tested with the following functions:

Why is crane load testing done?

Rated load testing

Load testing shall not be heavier, than a 125 percent rated load unless recommended by the manufacturer. When it occurs to safety in your workplace, you can't afford to miss any component of the equipment inspection and support process-and that involves testing of equipment before you start using it in your operations.

When should crane load testing be done?

Prior to initial use, all new and altered cranes shall be tested to ensure compliance with this section including the following functions:

The trip function to the hoist limit control shall be tested with an empty hook moving at rising speeds up to the maximum speed limit. The control device to activated the limiter should be established so that it will trip the switch, under all conditions, insufficient time to prevent contact of the hook or hook block with any part of the trolley.

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