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Nationwide On-Site Training

On-Site Crane Training Courses Nationwide

Onsite Crane training

AP Crane Training offers On-Site Crane Training courses and crane operator certification courses nationwide. We will provide crane training and certification for crane operators in the United States in which will give them leverage for employment.

Depending on the amount of student in each class below is the outline to the weekly schedule:

Groups of 5 and under (operators):

1.5-day Prep Courses, 2nd half of 2nd-day practical testing, 3rd-day written exam.

On-Site Practical Crane Training Tests (Practical Set Up)

Company will need to provide:

On-Site Practical Exam Requirements:

1. No overhead power lines should be within

2. There should be sufficient space available for the practical exam course 3. Entire exam course must be relatively level.
4. The crane(s) being used for the exam must be able to be set up on the ground within 1% of the level grade.
5. The ground under crane and outriggers should be compacted and appropriate floats or pads should be used as needed.
6. Exam course must be located out of sight from welcome and waiting areas.
7. Practical Exams require a Practical Examiner and Practical Exam Proctor. Practical Examiner is the same person conducting Classroom Prep. The Proctor will be assigned by the Client and will follow the processes, (this person cannot be a trainer).
8. Candidate Waiting Area must be

The benefits of onsite crane training courses

Convenient: One of the biggest benefits of onsite crane training is that it is more convenient for workers and employers. Rather than having to travel to a separate training facility, workers can receive training right on the job site where they will be using the equipment. This saves time and reduces the need for transportation and other logistical arrangements.

Customized training: Onsite crane training courses can be customized to meet the specific needs of the workers and the equipment they will be using. This allows the training to be tailored to the specific tasks and situations that workers will encounter on the job, making it more relevant and useful.

Improved safety: Proper crane operation is critical for ensuring the safety of workers and others on the job site. Onsite crane training courses provide workers with the knowledge and skills they need to safely and effectively operate the equipment, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Increased productivity: With the knowledge and skills acquired through onsite crane training, workers are able to work more efficiently and effectively, which can lead to increased productivity and profitability for the company.

Compliance: Many government regulations require workers who operate cranes to receive proper training. Onsite crane training courses can help companies ensure that they are in compliance with these regulations, avoiding potential fines and other penalties.

In conclusion, onsite crane training courses provide many benefits to workers and employers, including improved safety, increased productivity, and compliance with regulations. These courses are an essential component of any safe and effective crane operation program.

Training your crane operators with an onsite instructor can result in significant cost savings for your company in several ways:

If you're looking to maximize your investment in crane operator training, consider an onsite instructor from a reputable crane training school. Contact us to learn more about our onsite training programs and how we can help you save money and achieve your goals.

We also offer aerial lift training and forklift certification courses.

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