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OSHA Final Crane Rule Evaluation and Documentation

OSHA Final Crane Rule

The OSHA final crane rule took effect on December 9, 2018, without requiring documented proof of evaluation. However, starting from February 7, 2019, the US Department of Labor has made it mandatory for crane operator certification requirements to include documented proof of evaluation and documentation.

Crane Operator Certification Requirements

To operate equipment efficiently and safely, crane operators must possess proper certification or licensing and continually receive up-to-date training. The accreditation of testing organizations plays a vital role in determining whether operators meet OSHA's certification requirements for evaluation and documentation, as it depends on the type and capacity of the crane being operated.

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The Final Rule has brought revisions to the 2010 crane operator certification requirement, specifically emphasizing that the certification should clearly specify the rated lifting capacity of the crane on which the operator is certified.

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