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  • Crane Training School in California

    Our crane training school in California will train and certify. AP Crane Training provides open enrollment onsite. Crane training all operators in CA for crane jobs.

    Our trainers are certified operators on all cranes and are competent trainers in Rigging and Signalperson Training. We provide training at your site or ours. For crane operator certification we provide a 2 to 3-day prep class prior to taking the written test or CBT test. The practical test can be done on your site or ours. Our staff will assist in the administration of the crane testing process. Fed OSHA standard 1926.1400Riggers and signalpersons that work on a construction site are required to be qualified as of November 8, 2010.

    We are committed to providing quality up to date materials and information for the success of each employee.

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    Crane Training School in California | AP Crane Training

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