• Crane Training


    The improper use of crane training courses can cause serious injury or death. Cranes that are poorly maintained can cause accidents resulting in OSHA Fines. Accidents can be prevented if proper training and precautions are recognized. The employer is responsible for the continued crane training for their employees to ensure competency. OSHA established requirements to ensure the safety of the operators.

    29CFR 1910.180 – This standard covers crawler locomotive and truck cranes under Subpart N – Materials Handling and Storage. This section applies to crawler cranes, locomotive cranes, wheel-mounted cranes of both truck and self-propelled wheel type, and any variations thereof which retain the same fundamental characteristics. This section includes only cranes of the above types, which are basically powered by internal combustion engines or electric motors and which utilize drums and ropes. Cranes designed for railway and automobile wreck clearances are excepted. The requirements of this section are applicable only to machines when used as lifting cranes.

    Crane Training Covered:

    Introduction To Mobile Cranes
    Work Area Inspection
    Overview Of Osha’s Mobile Crane Regulation
    Interpretation Of 29 CFR 1910.180
    Employee’s Responsibilities In Regards To The Standard
    Compliance With The Standard
    Component Parts Of Mobile Cranes And Chain / Cable Sling Ratings
    Sling Ratings
    Review And Discussion Of Controls
    Safe Operating Procedures
    Safe Techniques When Operating
    Safe Work Practices
    Daily Report Of Inspection
    Visual Inspections Of Component Parts And Operational Tests For Mobile Cranes
    Inspection Procedure
    Checklist Review
    Hands-On Proficiency Test

    Students will learn how to perform daily and monthly inspections, determine allowable wire rope load and crane working capacities, properly set up the crane for operations, select and inspect slings and rigging gear, make proper crane movements with the load.

    Crane training may be a 3 to 5-day class at your site or our site. May vary depending on how many types of cranes such as rough terrain cranes, lattice truck and crawler cranes, boom truck cranes and articulated boom truck cranes. Training books and picture id cards will be supplied by All Purpose Crane Training.