• Crawler Lattice Boom

  • Crawler cranes help move extremely heavy loads safely and economically.

    The lattice boom is a type of boom or arm on a crane. On a lattice boom crane, this type of boom is raised and lowered by a series of guide wires that are powered mechanically. The lattice boom is used in applications where large and excessively heavy items will be raised.

    Lattice-boom cranes consist of a lattice-boom, which is a fabricated, high-strength steel structure that has four chords and tubular lacings, mounted on a base which is either crawler or truck mounted. Lattice-boom cranes weigh less and provide higher lifting capacities than a telescopic boom of similar length. The lattice-boom cranes are the only category of crane that can pick and move simultaneously. The lattice-boom sections, together with the crane base, are transported to and erected at a project site.

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