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  • Different Cranes and Lift Types

    Different crane and lift training services for your job construction projects. Get certified with the experienced crane operators at AP Crane Training. Where you get top-quality crane classes at affordable prices. We don’t have hidden charges get a free quote today!

    Aerial Man Lift

    What Sort of Aerial Lift Is Right for the Job?

    Whether you need an elevated work platform or the capability to reach a tall workspace, then there’s an aerial lift that is created for the task. But when operating the perfect airborne lift must have aerial lift training for the job.

    • What’s the work website like?
    • How high will you have to reach?
    • Just how much weight does the aerial elevator need to take?

    Each one of these questions can affect your choice of a lift. If you will need an elevated workspace that can hold many individuals, a scissor lift would be your ideal option. And if you require a boom for horizontal jobs, an articulated boom would be that the lift you’re looking for.

    Already know which sort of lift training you need?

    Contact us for lift training from the list below:

    • Electric Scissor Lifts
    • Electric Boom Lifts
    • Towable Boom Lifts
    • Atrium Lifts
    • Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts
    • Straight Telescopic Boom Lifts
    • Articulated Knuckle Boom Lifts
    • Personnel Lifts

    If you’re Knowledgeable about aerial lift operating, then getting aerial lift re-certified is generally easy. But if this is the first time operating an aerial lift, or if you merely have experience, you might require help finding the very best aerial lift training for the job. We have put together this guide for aerial lift operators reading to discover more about the type of aerial lift is perfect for the job. Get Certified today!

    All Terrain Crane

    AP Crane Training is exceptionally versatile and employed in all our end markets. We offer top quality cranes training for the heavy lifts like all-terrain cranes such as Grove and Liebherr.

    Boom Truck Crane

    For Quicker lifting, nothing exceeds the flexibility and dependability of both boom truck cranes. Willing to travel at highway speeds, for example, Terex boom truck cranes let you reach the job site, get set up, and also get to work fast. No wonder you’ll often see them operating a number of jobs on multiple sites the same day. When you need help with boom truck crane training, certification or re-certification contact us.

    Carry Deck Crane

    Carry Deck Cranes are incredibly versatile, ideal for lifting fabric that calls for a compact, noninvasive crane to maneuver in tight distances and clear overhead barriers. Many sizes. training skills and the cert is required for all jobs. Optional certification training customized for guaranteed crane training may fulfill all your lifting needs.

    Crawler Lattice Boom Crane

    When the job demands something unusually large and powerful, think about a crawler crane. They’ve more lifting capacities than other types of cranes — up to 3,200 t — and also keep excellent maneuverability under heavy load. Despite their size, crawler cranes are simple to transfer and, after at the job site, fast rigged. AP Crane Training provides you with the right crane training and certification to be qualified for each application.

    Crawler Telescopic Boom

    The flexible mix of heavy duty crawler telescopic booms, hydraulically extendable crawlers, and extremely compact dimensions allow crawler cranes to frequently get nearer to a project than milder, fixed duration lattice boom crawler cranes or demanding terrains that must deploy outriggers to attain complete lift ability. These attributes coupled with 360° pick and carry capabilities and an assortment of productivity improving attachments make the Crawler telescopic boom the most versatile piece of gear on the job site.

    Digger Derrick

    Dig holes, hoist and set utility poles, and lift different stuff with digger derricks. Can lift from heights around 95 feet and winch capabilities up to 50,000 pounds, mounted onto the specified chassis platform.

    Down cab Rough Terrain

    • Yard Crane
    • Drill Rig Maintenance
    • Petro-Chemical & Refinery Maintenance
    • Rail Road Maintenance, Hi-Rail Mounted
    • Quarry and Mining Equipment Maintenance
    • Substantial Maintenance Crane
    • (US Navy, HMC)
    • Easy One Step To Cab, Access – Egress
    • Top Off-Road Performance
    • Quick & Narrow Flipper Style Outriggers
    • High-Performance Hydraulics
    • High Speed and Readily Metered Controls
    • Straightforward Operation
    • Rugged, Reliable Style
    • Outstanding Serviceability
    • Compact design
    • High Definition Operator’s Cab

    Knuckle Boom Articulating

    AP Crane Training has been training and certifying operator to get articulating boom cranes.

    The advantage of articulating knuckle boom cranes

    Agility and precision when moving bulky piles close to the axis of rotation.
    Continuous lifting power, especially advantageous when the main boom is lifted vertically.
    Function curve which allows the best lift to elevation functionality.
    Better functioning for all of the versions outfitted with a jib.

    Marine Crane

    AP Crane Training is a school for marine crane training to help others meet the needs of Boats in the International marine, offshore oil & gas markets.

    Marine cranes are working in many commercial workboat programs, including the oil and gas industry, on petroleum platforms and support vessels as well as inside LNG facilities managing critical pumps and gear. Base cranes have used crabbers and fishing trawlers, and the fish chips that operate the icy waters of northern waters.

    Marine cranes are also used on many barges carrying bulk petroleum along the coasts and inland waterways. The marine cranes operate every day in harbors transferring gear and supplies, while some handle hoses and equipment employed for transferring fuels. AP Crane Training has also developed many highly innovative and customized base crane training and certification for specialized applications. We can train individuals to become the correct crane operator for the job.

    Material Handler Crane

    Material handlers are designed for maximum performance, capacity and highest reliability and safety.

    Material handling machines have been accessible with strong modular undercarriage options (cellular, crawler, railing, gantry and heightened with pylon) for personalized software.

    For greatest comfort and fantastic site review the material handlers are equipped with a hydraulic elevating cabin. With gear span up to 30 m, different quick-coupling attachments, and systems (orange peel grab, clamshell, wood catch, sorting grab, magnet plate, scrap sheer) the substance handlers are extremely versatile.

    Mini Crane

    The Mini Crane Has Been Designed for use in the Rock industry but has been Discovering new Niches in curtain wall installation, glass installation, plant equipment installation Functions as well as the Construction and repair of All factories Throughout the World.
    For indoor function, the Mini Crane is getting increasingly more popular because the electric motor lets work to be finished with no gas emissions in confined areas.

    Crawler Cranes are another series of Mini Cranes that Maeda manufactures. With their streamlined body and small tail swing, such versatile cranes are primarily utilized in confined construction work sites and civil engineering work sites.

    All Purpose Crane Training offers mini crane training and certification to meet needs Nationwide. We are the biggest Crane Training and Cert company.

    Overhead Bridge Crane

    Overhead bridge cranes are commonly found in a huge variety of environments and industries. We built our reputation on assembling cranes our customers can count on, day in and day out.

    AP Crane Training provides many different overhead bridge crane certifications, offering customizable options for specific needs. Whether an individual needs training or certification to manually operate a crane that handles large loads. AP Crane Training will help.

    Telehandler Forklift

    With outstanding design and functionality,  telehandlers provide all-around utility to answer virtually all of your worksite needs. Available training, telehandlers provide just what you will need for expansion in limited-access areas or applications where large reach is required. With a broad variety of lift training, telehandlers can easily manage even the most demanding jobs.

    Tower crane

    We provide training and certification for a range of tower cranes which have a high lift capacity capable of attaining closing hook heights in excess of 1000 feet.

    Tower crane capability range is between 8 to 35 tons, using higher capacity options available for special applications.
    Take a look at our class schedule on tower crane training for your job.

    Readily available in self-erecting, hammerhead, horizontal top, and luffing jib varieties, each with a vast selection of sizes and abilities, tower cranes can be seen hard at work on some of the strongest job sites around the world. Strong, yet quick to establish, their rugged structure and innovative technology provide dependable performance for many successful years to come.

    Truck Mounted Lattice Boom

    A truck-mounted lattice boom crane is a mobile cable-controlled crane mounted on crawlers or rubber-tired carriers or a hydraulic-powered crane using a telescoping boom mounted on truck-type carriers or as self-propelled versions. They’re designed to use with various types of loads and freight with little to no installation easily assembled and transportable to the destination. Mobile cranes generally operate booms at the end of which the hook is suspended out of wire rope and sheaves. The wire ropes are managed via the cab operator controls an assortment of transmissions run the crane by steam engines, electrical motors, and internal combustion IC engines have all been used. The elderly cranes’ transmissions tended to utilize clutches. The issue was later fixed when using IC motors to coincide with the steam engines'”maximum torque at zero speed” attribute by the addition of a hydrokinetic element culminating in controlled torque converters.

    Truck Mounted Telescopic Boom

    Truck mounted telescopic boom lifts are aerial work platforms with sections that extend telescopically. They are generally known as”Stick Booms.” These elevators provide higher horizontal outreach than any other kind of distant platform, letting you work in regions with restricted access points.

    Gantry Crane

    One of the most important factors in the productivity of a shipyard is that the size and completeness of the blocks which compose the hull. Every time a large hull block requires lifting, it’s time for a Gantry Crane to take over.

    Tandem utilize for greatest safety
    Tandem usage of Konecranes Goliath Gantry Cranes improves safety and flexibility on your dry dock. Having a master-and-slave setup, both cranes are controlled by one operator, from 1 control station. This reduces the safety risks of 2 operators.

    Delivery theory
    depending upon your requirements, we create custom Gantry Crane training classes and work alongside hands on.

    Gantry Cranes are provided with these innovative features:

    Gantry Crane provides massive flexibility in hook settings, with as much as 8 m hook traverse and 100% load unbalance and accuracy to some 4-millimeter tolerance.
    The most unique single-girder style of Gantry Cranes unites low overall weight and high rigidity.

    Rough Terrain

    OSHA requires rough terrain crane training for demanding terrain crane operators around that there’s absolutely not a question. Where confusion exists is how frequently operators want demanding terrain crane refresher training or recertification. Outside of the initial safety training course, it is normal to observe businesses do recertification every three decades.

    Let us help, contact us for rough terrain training and certification classes available to you Nationwide.