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    AP Crane Training has gained a nationwide reputation for providing crane rigging and signal person training as well as certification or recertification in the crane industry.

    We are devoted to teaching the proper crane rigging operations, heavy rigging and signal person signs to improve safety and meet the latest OSHA Standards and Regulations. Our clients can get AP Crane Training to aggressively pursue approaches to becoming successfully trained or recertified near your area nationwide.

    At AP Crane Training we are in the work of assisting organizations in operating heavy lift equipment and controlling heavy equipment of any size.

    Qualified Rigger and Signal Person Training

    Any person designated as the professional rigger by an employer who plays specific operations and load tasks should register to this class to follow the latest OSHA requirement 1926.1400. Additionally, it meets the training requirements for Qualified Signal Individual under the new OSHA Subpart CC- 1926.1400. Been effective since November 8, 2010, by the Cranes and Derricks Standard Subpart specified in 29 CFR 1926.1428, an experienced signal person is currently required in any construction site.

    OSHA Rule 1926.1400

    OSHA today requires that signal person, riggers and operators be trained, tested, and qualified to fulfill with the new OSHA Rule 1926.1400. This practice includes getting workers familiarized with verbal and hand signs.

    They also got to know how to familiarize themselves with the limitations of their crane or hoisting equipment they are currently employing or signaling.

    Regulations discussed in this class are ASME B30.5, ASME B30.9, as well as OSHA 29 CFR Part 1926.1400.

    Course Information

    Topics included but not limited to:

    • OSHA Standards and Requirements
    • DOB Regulations
    • Fundamental projection principle
    • Rigging part identification
    • Mathematical calculations
    • Align selection
    • Rigging review
    • Wire rope and chain design
    • Rigging techniques
    • Crane parts
    • Proper utilization of the ANSI hand signals
    • Crane descriptions
    • working near electricity lines
    • Voice signs

    AP Crane Training School

    Class Schedule and Dates

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