• Truck Crane Training

  • Truck crane training requires specialized operator training that meets OSHA’s latest standards and regulations. Many businesses rely on heavy lifting equipment for projects when lifting and moving material at job sites. Truck crane training must be specific by type when he or she is going to take the operator certification course.

    Truck Crane Training

    What certification or training is needed for crane truck operators? A national accredited crane truck operator certification is needed, and also has two parts:

    • A written examination that includes the safe operating procedures for the particular type of equipment the trainee will be operating and technical understanding of the subject matter criteria required in 1926.1427(j).
    • A practical exam confirming the applicant has the experience required to safely operate along with additional skills to have the ability to accurately use load chart data and recognize features required in the shift inspection. With respect to operator certification from all accredited testing organizations, an operator must be certified by the type and capacity.

    Crane Truck Training

    The crane truck training course is specifically intended to improve the current expertise and ability levels of experienced operators, trainees, safety employees, inspectors, maintenance employees, managers, and supervisors.

    Truck Mounted Crane Training

    We offer both five and ten-day truck mounted crane training courses. We recommend trainees with experience 5-day courses, and 10-day courses to gain additional knowledge or seat time if required. Contact us for any questions and prices regarding truck-mounted cranes and more at (888) 501-1355.

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